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Quotes from the 2017 Audio club meeting.

"...Speakers performed very well considering the large room..." 

"...Speakers were surprisingly good.  Better than expected.  They did everything important.  Mix with a good sub will be ideal..." 

The Carmen stand mount speakers is where the Holloway sound journey began.  

The main design concept behind the Carmen was accuracy. Our goal was to design a pair of speakers that were capable of delivering a near perfect flat frequency response covering as much of the audio spectrum as possible, without hindering the quality of the supplied media.

It took 8 months of testing and endless fine tuning of our original prototype. We changed everything from the crossover to the acoustic enclosure in order to reproduce the most technically perfect audio possible. The results are an incredibly flat, smooth and accurate sound. The hand made enclosure is rear ported and curved to help eliminate standing waves inside the cabinet. The internal cavity is heavily braced for maximum rigidity and strength. 

Made with 20mm thick hand laminated birch ply side walls and 18mm veneered timber front and back. ​Housing a powerful, long-throw 180mm mid/woofer with a frequency shaping phase plug and a 25mm neodymium magnet ring radiator tweeter.​​

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